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Small Business Branding

With brand, comes loyalty

ISABIZ - Branding A brand name gives recognition to your products and company. A brand defines a company for what it stands for, it’s mission, vision and values. A small business's brand strategy should be based on the goals and objectives of the organization. The concept of branding is essential for any organization to make themselves known among their consumers.

Branding - A Niche Concept

Branding is a niche concept that is earned by a company over a period of time. You get more product/company attention for your products/company when a "brand image" is created in the minds of customers. A "branded image" is created when your products are appreciated and accepted by the target audience. Thus, the challenge becomes one of getting customers aware of and approve your "branded image".

This involves getting a positive impression in your customer's mind at the initiation of your products or services introduction. This requires comprehensive campaigning that includes advertising, promotions, marketing, and banners that contain punch lines as well as product information in the form of graphics, textual representations, media productions, and other forms of promotion techniques to develop your "branded image".

Use STP To Launch Your Brand

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning are key aspects of marketing your "Brand", Segmentation is important for selecting the geographic region as well as the people residing in that region based upon which you can strategize your branding campaign. After segmenting, you need to select your customers or the target audience from that specific geographical location. Now, based upon the above two components, your product or service should be introduced in such a manner that it captures the attention of the audience.

Communicating Brand Strategy

Brand communication strategy varies to a large extent on the geographic, economic and cultural factors. Based on the social norms of a community/country/region where a product or a brand is being introduced, therefore when developing your branding strategy, these factors should be considered and incorporated in the final marketing product. For instance, the people in the eastern regions of South America have a totally different mind set from those living in the American West. Hence, product visions have different meaning for each of these regions.

Other Branding Components

Branding has other components which are very important in developing your brand strategy. These include (but are not limited to) brand logo, communication strategy, a "catch phrase" that defines your small business's company, etc. These other items assist in developing a unique identification for your product/company that consumers can relate to. Usually, it takes decades to create a "branded image" for a product since markets are highly consumer driven. Products/Services exist in the market only if it is approved by consumers (the target audience).

ISABIZ - Website Branding "Find out what they want and how they want it and give it to them just that way!"

Today, Internet being more of a utility than an innovation, branding taken a new turn altogether. Online branding has become a niche area in marketing. With many people hooked to the net, branding on the net is equally important along with the offline campaigning. Online branding would include viral marketing, e – mail marketing and the list goes. The options are numerous to choose from. Hence, based on your product, select a few that would enhance your marketing campaign.

All in all, branding is a niche aspect in marketing without which it would be difficult for any organization to compete and survive in the market. Too many small businesses today treat their websites as an afterthought. The fact of the matter is that your website can be your single most important branding tool. Your company’s website may be the first and only shot you have at making the right impression to potential clients, business partners, investors, and employees.

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