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Communicting With Customers

ISABIZ® - Communicating with Customers

Regular and frequent customer contact is effective--but it can be costly. Phone calls, personal visits, and mailings add up in terms of cost and time.

So how can you keep your business in front of customers without breaking the bank?

Automation is the first step. By computerizing your customer information, and then using inexpensive, effective technologies such as Email, Internet-based "listservs", social networks (e.g., Twitter, FaceBook, Google +1, You Tube) and broadcast fax, you can stay in touch and stay in the black.

Where to start? Even the smallest company can build a customer "database" that enables them to track dozens of pertinent details about customers, including all contact information as well as what type of contact they are (prospects, people to whom you send holiday cards, long-standing customers--take your pick). Microsoft® Outlook™ messaging and collaboration client, part of both Microsoft Office and Microsoft® Business Servers (for the networked contact list-more on this later), manages all your contacts and integrates with Email to make staying in touch simple.

On the desktop, Microsoft's Outlook™ manages all information from your Email to your schedule to the Office documents you use. Its easy to build and manage your own personal contact's list so phone numbers, Email addresses, and other information is instantly at hand. Additionally, Outlook™ interfaces/syncs with mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and personal digital managers.

ISABIZ - Email

However, the real power comes from the network. Consider how a shared contacts list could make your employees more effective and boost per-customer revenues. For example, Microsoft® Small Business Server includes a network-based Email solution (Microsoft Exchange Server), Office SharePoint Server, Fax Server, and SQL Data Server which allows you to create shared folders on a network and reach out to customers on the internet and in their offices. Just place an Outlook™ contact list in a public folder and all employees have access to a centralized repository of valuable "business intelligence" about customers. Small Business Server enables you to use this data to easily keep customers informed of important developments about your business, or offer value-added services.

Having a sale? Send a broadcast fax (and use Small Business Server to send it at night, when the phone rates are cheaper) or send mass or select Emails. Did your business get a positive write-up in your local newspaper? Put is on your web and send Email to a relevant group of customers with an abstract of the article, and point people to your Web to read the full online version.

Of course, these solutions merge with more "traditional" forms of communication such as form letters or creating labels to place on a newsletter or postcard so you can reach all customers, not just those that are connected online.

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