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Decision Making &
Planning For Small Businesses


ISABIZ® - Small Business Decision Making

  • Define the issue(s). What needs deciding.
  • Visualize and collect information. What data/organization resources/personnel are needed.
  • Do we have alternatives? List the alternatives.
  • Evaluate the alternatives list. What costs are associated with each alternative? List the pros and cons. Rank each alternative.
  • Make a decision. Circularize the decision and get feedback. Adjust decision based on feedback. Incorporate the decision into the organizations business plan(s).


ISABIZ® - Small Business Decision Planning
  • Define success (based on the organization's goals & objectives).
  • Develop short and long term strategic plan.
  • Manage the strategy - daily, monthly and annually.
  • Promote and maintain a "positive attitude" internally and wihtin the organization.
  • Involve effected parties ... communicate, cooperate, collaborate, create ... TEAMWORK ... teamwork ... TeamWorK ... TEAMwork ...
  • Assess results, make modifications. Report on observations.
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