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Improving Customer Self-Service

ISABIZ® - Customer Self-Service

Ten years ago, doing business on the Internet sounded like a good idea. Today, it's more than an idea: it's a reality. Businesses are making money, improving service, and reducing costs via the Web.

For small businesses, doing business on the Web doesn't have to mean transactions or selling products online (though many are finding success doing precisely this). Instead, start by thinking about how the Web can create a "self-service" environment for your customers that can help you generate more customer satisfaction and build new business. Brand your "self-service" business on-line.

ISABIZ - Customer Self Service

Your customers can help themselves to information on your website that makes doing business with you easier. They can get simple answers, your hours of business, driving directions, product and service lists, or more complex information (e.g., job/order status or customer service). Customers can provide feedback and interact with your company. And best of all they can do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at your and their convenience.

There is more good news, too. Setting up an Internet site is amazingly easy--especially if you have a comprehensive developer like Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®). Microsoft® Small Business Server includes an internal website for local in-house use and includes tools for developing your online website. And because Microsoft® Small Business Server serves as the platform for line-of-business applications, such as your accounting and inventory solutions, you can easily integrate the information you gain from the Web into your "back-end" business systems.

For small businesses that differentiate themselves on personal service, fear not. The Internet does not mean an end to interaction with your customers. In fact, independent surveys show that customers prefer a "self-serve" approach, and your employees can add greater value by answering questions more important than "what time do you close today?"

Incorporating "self-service" processes on your website enables customers to "help themselves" without getting your personnel directly involved thus potentially saving you money.

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