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The Environment & User Experience

Website branding is about creating an environment and user experience that makes a visitor feel welcome, informed, and engaged. While no two websites are alike, there are several key factors that must be taken into consideration:

  • Graphic/Media Design
  • ISABIZ - Website Branding Color schemes, logo design, layout – your website should be designed with your target consumers in mind. You want your audience to feel that they are in the right place. For example, if you are searching for an experienced professionals but you come across a website that looks like a playground for kids, you would not trust that professional to perform work for you. Proper site design, logo design and color schemes make you more credible to your target audience.
  • Communicate Information
  • Your website messaging and online marketing efforts should communicate valuable information that is useful to your consumers. The voice and tone of communication should be in alignment with your consumer's mindset. To get the most out of your communication efforts, there are four essential elements all sites should include. They are: Clear and effective messaging, strong calls to action, stickiness factors and social media integration.
  • Functionality
  • You want to include functionalities that not only are helpful to your visitors, but keep them on your site longer and compel them to return for future visits. These can include chat functionality, demos, wikis/document sharing, interactive maps, online training etc. The key is to make the information useful, entertaining and geared to turning your visitors into customers. Share your expertise, information about your products and services and even provide information that has nothing to do with your company, but would be of great interest to your target audience.
  • User Friendly
  • No matter how great your products or services, your website will fail if the user can’t find the information they need or can’t take the actions you want them to take (like purchasing your products). Intuitive navigation, optimal load speed, streamlined checkouts, content prioritization and relevance all play an important role in brand perception

A Few More Tips

  • Attractive Website – A visually attractive website attracts more visitors than that of a less appealing one. Use appropriate colors that sync and or blend well with your theme. This can be done with the help of graphics that make it easy for the visitor to understand. Ensure that you coordinate all the aspects of your website to deliver to your visitors your product and company message in accordance with your company goals and objectives.
  • Logo – A develops a "mental image" of your company. It defines your products by giving a glimpse into what you stand for. Devising an effective tag-line along with your logo is an added advantage.
  • Blogs & Social Media – An internal blog or social media site can provide updates about your organization. There exists a group of web users who constantly look for the latest updates and news. Keeping your web messages updated with all the latest blog posts and social news is an integral part of developing your brand.
  • Videos - Incorporating videos wherever appropriate is also effective in building your brand.
  • Research & Testing – Any new initiative on your website should be accompanied by thorough research. You definitely do not want to attempt something that has not been researched and tested. Conduct online and offline surveys with your target audience to gain info regarding what they perceive they need/want. Although it is time consuming but the results would set you apart from competitors.
  • Uniqueness Sells – Unique products definitely grabs attention. Unique websites win customers and sell products.
  • Search Engine (SEO) & Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Effective optimization of your site could take you to places. SEO/SMO help generate more leads thus enhancing your business success.
  • Participate - Active participation in various forums and groups can enhance your perspective and vision thus enabling you to "look outside the box". You would definitely gain an insight into what other professionals in the industry are working on and how they feel about it.
  • Emphasize what you do and not on who you are. Your website content should clearly project the products/services you offer and not what you are all about. Use appropriate and minimal words to define your products/services. Ensure that you have a separate page depicting the corporate identity and stating what your organization stands for.
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