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Total Quality Management

Entrepreneurs are learning that total quality management (TQM) can be critical to survival.

TQM has become the most popular abbreviation since TGIF. Total Quality Management, an umbrella term for the quality programs, has spread throughout the business community in the past dozen years.

TQM first took hold in big manufacturing companies that faced jarring challenges from Asian competitors. In the years just after World War II, Asian businesses embraced the quality messages of such American advisers as W. Edwards Deming (an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant) and J.M. Juran (an American management consultant), Bell Labs, and Marshall Industries and by the 1970s, Asian products had acquired powerful reputations for high quality.

Growing numbers of U.S. manufacturers and big service companies have fought back with quality programs of their own and in recent times have matched and or surpassed the Asian manufactures. e.g., Ford Motor Company, Western Electric, Boeing, Bell Labs have made great strides in TQM.

Small Business TQM Impact

Increasingly, the small businesses that supply big TQM companies have felt the impact of those quality programs, because the big companies have insisted that their small suppliers adopt quality programs of their own. In these competitive times, small businesses are finding that TQM is "making them money" by maintaining their client base and providing an incentive for new customers to "come on board". part of their daily activities.

There's a simple reason for such customer pressure: When an appliance manufacturer is trying to produce defect-free products, it cannot tolerate defects in the parts provided by its small suppliers. Additionally, handling returns based on defective products and or services is exceedingly costly for small businesses. Investments in TQM are an investment in the future growth and sustainability of the company.

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