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ISABIZ® -Social Media Marketing

Brand Building And Marketing

Dominating your companies niche online market with top search engine rankings is more than just SEO. SMO and SMM focuses on the power of brand building and marketing. Social Media Marketing is necessary for effective brand awareness; however, not everyone is successful in their efforts. Start focusing on your building increased traffic and revenues using Social Media Marketing ... branding and marketing.

Social Scenes On-Line

FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube are just some of the online social scenes to be at.  Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) team can take your brand to the next level. We will create, design, brand and promote your social media profiles. Moreover, we will take advantage of the ever growing blogging community of blogging portals like WordPress, Blogger, etc.

Small Business Press Releases

Create and distribute a press release establishing buzz surrounding you social media optimization campaign. Ultimately, exposing your brand to the larger online community. At Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®), we understand the importance and applicability of syndicating press releases for each and every media campaign; especially in the Social Media on-line world.

How Social Media Marketing Is Done

Social Media Marketing for small businesses is somewhat complex; yet, inexpensive given the return (very positive ROI).

  • Create a profile along with page optimization incorporating your targeted keywords
  • Create banners supporting your social media campaign
  • Integrate with other social networks in each profile through icons and buttons for power blogging and networking
  • Create and deploy important widgets and applications
  • Create a press release writing and syndication
  • Establish Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Photo uploads, Video uploads, etc.

Maintaining Your Social Media Endeavors

  • Regular social bookmarking
  • Adding more FaceBook fans, Twitter followers, etc.
  • Commenting and profile updates
  • Fresh and frequent content addition
  • Link building
  • Periodic reviews, adjustments, and reporting

ISABIZ® - Social Media Marketing

Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) offers small businesses
products and services that greatly enhance social media marketing for our Clients.

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