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Products And Support

Turnkey Information Systems

Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) focuses on providing turnkey systems that deliver for small businesses the following:

  • Enhanced deployment flexibility
  • Low Maintenance Solutions
  • Business Collaboration, Communications, Cooperation, and Creativity
  • Web-based Data Access and Analysis
  • Scalability to Meet Future Demands
  • Industry Standard Solutions
  • Systems Customized to Specifically Meet Your Needs
  • Hardware & Software Solutions Based on Leading Industry Manufacturers

Our Product Delivery Goals

Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) delivers products by:

  • Creating high quality solutions based on our clients needs
  • Building solutions more quickly utilizing state of the art development tools
  • Reducing development times and resulting costs
  • Creating applications and systems that integrate well with our customer's exiting business systems
  • Providing a consistent interface for all systems Workflow oriented applications and systems that maximize data tracking, reporting, and analysis
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Small Business Information Systems Development

Turn-key Systems....hardware, software, support, training. We partner with the best! Microsoft®, Dell®, Micron®, Curcial®, HP®, Netgear®, Cisco®, Intel®, and many more. From software development, deployment, and computer hardware, our goal is to service our small business client's information systems needs. We succeed if you succeed! PCs are in our blood. Service in our DNA. Solutions, our blueprints for success

Small Business Environments

Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) believes effective Small Business environments need workflow-type applications and systems that support sales force automation tracking, lead-tracking, expense reporting, and business accounting systems that dynamically support decision making in an ever changing environment. We strive to ensure that our customers succeed!

Our primary goal is to deliver on time and within budget state of the art business and information systems that meet and or exceed our customer's needs. We PARTNER with our customers.

When our customers succeed, we succeed!

Small Business Utilization of Technology

The rise of the Internet, the growth of more and more networked PCs, and the falling prices of computer technology have created a stronger imperative for small businesses to utilize technology. Businesses are reducing their use of long distance phone calls, fax machines, time reporting, expense reporting, contact management, and courier mail in favor of more efficient electronic communications. Vast amounts of free information from periodicals, news sources, online info, social networking, and formal business networks are available to those who have access to the Web.

For small businesses to remain competitive, they must continue to increase their use of technology and fully exploit the efficiencies of connected PCs.

Information Systems Associates - Network Specialists ISABIZ Workstations
  • Servers (System, File, Database, Internet)
  • Workstations (Office, Developer, Specialty, Personal)
  • Monitors, Specialty Display Devices, Projection Devices
  • Laptops, Tablets, and Notebooks
  • Off-line Storage (Networked Storage, Disk Storage, Tape, Direct Attached, USB)
  • LANs, WANs, Network Cable (copper & Fiber Channel)
  • Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras
  • Small Business Phone Systems (Analog, IP, Cell, Mobile)
  • Routers, Switches, Connectors, Network Accessories
  • Office & Specialty Software (Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Suites, Software designed to meet your specific needs)
We provide a complete line of hardware and software to meet your Small Business Computing needs!

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