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Webs & eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses

Flexible Solutions

Information Systems Associates (ISABIZ®) offers flexible solutions relative to the size and scope of your organization’s web presence. We strive to ensure that your web meets or exceeds your business plans at affordable prices.

ISABIZ® provides turn-key web solutions that include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop web pages, forms, reports, & presentations.
  • Data input, Customer response, & Search Forms.
  • eCommerce with shopping charts & CC processing.
  • Streaming Video and Video rendering services.
  • Video streaming, production and development.
  • Web hosting (including maintenance & support).
  • Email hosting, mass Emailing & tracking.
  • Online Newsletters, brochures, & Posters.
  • Photographic services, graphics creation, & art work.
  • Search Engine Promotion and Optimization.
  • Online presence Planning & Review.
  • FTP services, download/upload services.
  • Blogs, social media, galleries, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

Wide Range Of Options

Our rates are based on the degree of involvement and the complexity of your web. We offer a wide range of options to select from to develop your web/eCommerce solutions.

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